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2019 Crab & Rib Dinner Results, Reminder To Send in Your In-Kind Forms & See Current Financial Report

Check out the results of this year's Crab & Rib Dinner if you didn't know. Remember to send in your in-kind forms ASAP and see our current FY Financials.

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For those who want to help: Boys and Girls is Lobbying for Increased Funding for Homeless & Runaway Youth Services

At last month’s luncheon, Monica Ford (the director of the Nest Program) mentioned that Boys & Girl Aid is currently engaging in lobbying for increased funding for homeless and runaway youth services across Oregon.  There have been a few members asking Megan for more information, and so we are including it here.
Yes, it is true.  Boys & Girls Aid is currently engaged in advocacy work with the Oregon Alliance of Children's Programs (OACP) for increased funding for services for runaway & homeless youth across the state.   Boys and Girls Aid is requesting that funding be allocated to the Joint Ways & Means Health & Human Services Sub-Committee. It is estimated that there are 4.2 million youth and young adults in America who have experienced some form of homelessness during a 12-month period. In 2016-2017 Oregon was tied for the highest rate of child & youth homelessness; the other states were Nevada, California and District of Columbia.

We are asking if Cypress Auxiliary members wish to help with this, you can either call and/or email the members of the committee.  Please do this as soon as you can.  We don't have very long to make this personal plea to this committee:

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SECOND REQUEST: Volunteers Needed “Gift of Hope” Fair. Dec 9th. Help Promote “The Nest”

Steph has only received a couple of replies, so we need to ask again.  As we announced at our last luncheon, we are looking for Cypress Auxiliary volunteers to help staff the Boys & Girls booth at the upcoming "Gift of Hope" Fair  and to help promote the introduction of "The Nest" program.  This [...]

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