Reminder:  Boys and Girls Adoption Picnic August 11th 1-4pm

George Rodgers Park  
611 South State Street
Lake Oswego

A celebration of adoption with families, staff, guests and volunteers.  See more details in our July news update.

Community Information Day

Charbonneau Country Club   August 21  5 to 7pm.  No Time for Siesta–It’s Time to Fiesta!!!!  Boys and Girls Aid welcome new members, answer questions and provide information.

Sept 21. The first luncheon of the new year.    

Friday September 21st @ SpringRidge. 11:30  

The program begins with Suzan Huntington President sharing the current and new programs and plans. Robyn Andrus reports on TLP and Dianne McMichael reports on Sports Bags. Also please have any questions, concerns and suggestions for the new year.  The menu for September is Cornucopia Salad and Tiramisu Cake. 

We will send out our usual online RSVP email ahead of the meeting.  Hope to see you in September!