Greetings everyone:

I’m so relieved that the storm is behind us and no one was hurt by all the trees and large limbs that fell.  Perhaps this was just Mother Nature’s way of cleaning house.

I’m not sure how many of you were able to tune into our meeting on Friday.  If you were there, you saw a wonderful video designed by Elaine Swyt, our Communications chair, and resident media guru.  Thank you also to so many others who helped with additional photos and historical information.  If you missed it, it is really a “must see.”

Click here to view the video when you are done with this email.    A lot of work and thought went into it.

Update on the Easter Baskets:

Our next project for Boys & Girls Aid is to provide Easter baskets for the youth at the Cypress House and the Nest.

With Easter on Sunday, April 4, plans are underway for our wonderful basket program.  This year we will provide ten baskets for the girls at Cypress House and four for the children at The Nest.

With no in-person meetings, Leslie Walker has once again offered her covered entryway as a pick-up and delivery site for the Easter basket items as she did for Christmas gifts.  Suzan Huntington has made a beautiful wreath with tags for Cypress members to access.  The baskets will be filled with a variety of candy, craft and writing materials, and personal products along with a few new items.  Each tag will also show quantities needed. As in the past, we are grateful to Connie Taylor for her ongoing support and all that she provides.

Important Dates

  • Friday, March 5 – Tags will be available for Auxiliary members to select in the Walker covered entryway.
  • Thursday, March 18 – Final date for items to be delivered to the Walker home. Baskets will be assembled the next week and delivered to corporate headquarters.

As always, we appreciate the generosity of the Cypress membership for giving these young people such a happy, fun holiday experience.  The filled, beautifully wrapped baskets show these young people that others care.

As written by Terri Royse, Chair of the Easter Basket Program

Update on Cypress Dinners:

The Board of Directors has provided dinners for Cypress during the months of January and February.  We are in need of other members to team up and volunteer to prepare simple dinners for the following open dates April 21, May 5, May 19, June 2, June 16, and June 30.

Dinners are to serve 10.  They don’t have a lot of room for leftovers, so we shouldn’t make large amounts.  Dinners have been an entrée, maybe a salad or other side dish and, dessert.

Dinners are to be dropped off on the Cypress House front porch between noon and 4:00 p.m.  There is a cooler available on the porch.  Put dinners in the cooler, ring the doorbell, and you are done!  Everything has been going very well so far.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer for a dinner date, please contact Jan Bliss at (503) 539-9095 or email her at

Update on Crab & Rib Dinner:

Chris Bosak, Anne Shevlin, and Elaine Swyt have been meeting with Suzan Huntington and the Charbonneau Country Club to work out the particulars of our Crab & Rib Dinner and Silent Auction that is now scheduled for Saturday, September 18.This dinner and auction may still look different than what we’ve done in the past but we’re working hard to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone.  Everything will depend on Covid protocols at the time but we’re hoping to see each other face to face in some form.

There will be more on auction details as we move along.

Share Your “COVID Vaccine Story”  (UPDATED on  2/24/21)

Introducing a new and we hope fun project for us all to enjoy — “Share Your COVID Vaccine Story” so we can anticipate getting back together sooner than later.  Share your COVID Vaccine story at the following link.

Note: We were originally going to track this information and report those results but there was concern about sharing too many specifics.  This was explained in an updated email on 2/24/21 to all members.


Stay safe and take care

Diann Harland
President, Cypress Branch
Boys & Girls Aid