We now have 50 face masks, made primarily by Chris Bosak and Penny Kemper.  Penny is a Cypress member and BGA patron.

If others are still making masks, perhaps you can continue to share with other neighbors who might need one or two.   Or contact your Disaster Preparedness captains.  There is an article on Charbonneaulive.com about this.  Click here to go there.


Posted:  April 7, 2020

From Megan:

“We are trying to get 50 fabric face masks made for our direct care staff. ”  

Anne Shevlin has offered her front porch as a drop off for the face masks.  Anne Shevlin’s address is in our membership books. We don’t want to publicize that online. Her email: ashevy@comcast.net.

Mask Making Projects & Tips

For those who would like to help with this project as with the Charbonneau project, there are patterns and resources mentioned in this weekends Oregonian:


and in the article we posted on Charbonneaulive.com this morning.


Also, the The Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee Wis. has sent out this info about how to make your own face mask. This is the best hospital in Milwaukee.   Click here for that.

Yesterday during our Zoom Board meeting, we all signed off with donning our masks to share with each other.  It was lighthearted and special.   Diann said her’s is polka dotted, but Bob’s is little kitties.  If you have stories and photos to share, send them to Elaine Swyt eswyt@mediaphysics.com and we’ll collect them up to share with everyone.

Click each to view larger.

Be safe everyone and thanks for helping out the Boys and Girls staff with your handmade gifts.