Steph has only received a couple of replies, so we need to ask again. 

As we announced at our last luncheon, we are looking for Cypress Auxiliary volunteers to help staff the Boys & Girls booth at the upcoming “Gift of Hope” Fair  and to help promote the introduction of “The Nest” program.  This is the second year we’ve been asked  back.

Where:  Lake Oswego United Methodist Church | 1855 South Shore Blvd.

When:  Sunday, Dec 9th

Time:  9:00 setup |  10:00 – 1100 (first shift)  |  11:00 – 12:30 (second shift)


A very popular annual event. There are several non-profits who host a table with information about their services. A catalog is being prepared with a description of each agency and the program or service being promoted. Catalogs will be available soon. People make a donation to the organization(s) of their choice; gift cards are given to the donor who in turn gives a gift to a loved one or friend explaining that a donation has been given in their name.

Choosing a Shift

The time currently is open.You could volunteer to do a 45 or a 60 minute “shift” or the whole time.  Boys & Girls HQ will supply information about “The Nest” program which will be available at the booth.

9:00a Setup

10:00a – 11:00a First Shift

11:00a – 12:30p Second Shift

Thank you for all you do for Boys & Girls.

Steph Pump
President, Cypress Auxiliary, Boys & Girls 


503 694 8494