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Overview of Boys & Girls Programs

Washington County Services Shelter and Housing

 Our shelter and housing services in Washington County focus on ensuring young people have a chance at launching successfully into adulthood.  They have experienced disruptions in their families that caused them to be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, some at a very young age.

  •  Transitional Living Program (TLP)

This program serves young adults we are homeless and need to secure housing, stabilize, and move toward self-sufficiency.

  • Safe Place

Safe Place is the only homeless and runaway shelter in Washington County. The focus areas of this program are permanency, striving to rebuild the broken bridges with biological/adoptive/stepfamilies,and aiding the youth to secure stable housing after their stay at Safe Place.

  • The Compass

The Compass program serves youth aging out of the foster care system who have not received the skills necessary to successfully live on their own. For young adults in this position, this service provides the appropriate next steps to aid in their transition to independence.

Residential/Foster Care/Shelter Services

In all the programs, our work is done through the lens of permanency by acknowledging a youth’s grief, loss and trauma. By helping them work through these issues and to process their own life story, we gain insight into their behaviors and can assist in the development and implementation of a permanency oriented plan; Meaning a plan where they do not age out of the system, but instead return to a permanent placement or home, or a plan has been developed to achieve permanency. 

  • Seneca House

This program serves youth, primarily girls between the ages of 10-18, through residential Independent Living Services and Therapeutic Foster Care.         

  • STEP (Stabilization, Transition, Evaluation Program)

STEP serves primarily boys, with all youth being served in Boys &Girls Aid certified foster homes. Day programming is provided for the youth. 

  • Neighborhood

The Neighborhoodserves boys ages 10-18 referred by DHS.All youth live in Boys & Girls Aid certified foster homes and participate in programming such as skilling building, counseling and recreation as various program sites.

  • The Nest

The Nest is a residential care facility that utilizes individual foster families to serve all the children in the program. The current program serves children ages 4-9.Each child is assisted with daily living skills, based on their age and developmental levels, and participates in weekly therapy and permanency preparation activities.

Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoption (FCA) is a program focused on finding adoptive homes for children that are living in foster care. Some of these kids have additional barriers to adoption than infants based on their age, the length of time in the system, they may be part of a sibling group, or they may have a special mental, emotional or physical need.

Permanency Services

The Child Specific Recruitment program finds permanent, loving families for children living in foster care.We prepare children for permanency and provide support to the child and their family throughout the adoption transition.

Infant Adoption

The infant adoption program helps ensure that children are not entering the foster care system but instead are adopted at birth.