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Overview of Boys & Girls Aid Programs

Residential Services

STEP (Stabilization, Transition, Evaluation Program) is an assessment program for youth ages 12-18 who are referred to Boys & Girls Aid by the juvenile justice system. The program provides positive learning opportunities, case management, and wraparound support while youth plan to transition back home with new skills and resources that can help them positively move forward.

THE NEST serves children 4-9 years old who come from challenging and extremely traumatic experiences. They have complex needs that require well-trained and supportive foster parents. The Nest program offers around the clock professional support tailored to meet the foster family and child’s needs and help both parents and child to succeed.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD model utilizes a relational framework to improve client outcomes, promote placement stability and offer a more robust support network for youth ages 12-18 and their foster parents. In addition to placing youth in foster homes, the program provides skills training and opportunities for peer interaction.

Adoptive Services

ADOPTIVE SERVICES assists adoptive families in navigating the process of adopting an infant or a child from foster care. These services begin with a home study assessment, followed by matching with a birthparent/child, ongoing training, and individualized support post-placement.

BIRTH PARENT SERVICES serve birth parents who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy. Our clinicians assist birth parents to explore options before, during and after they give birth. If adoption is chosen, birth parents are supported in choosing a family, creating a hospital plan, navigating openness and processing grief post-placement.

Shelter and Housing Services

SAFE PLACE serves youth in Washington County, ages 12 through 19, who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless because of instability or conflict in their homes. In addition to providing safe housing, this program supports youth with case management, family counseling, referrals to community services, skill building activities, supportive relationships with staff, and safe exits.

HOUSING SERVICES supports young adults ages 18 through 23 who are currently homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Young adults are provided up to two years of housing in a furnished apartment and financial assistance with health expenses, education, household and personal items. The program fosters self-sufficiency, healthy relationships and exits to stable housing.

Permanency Services

PERMANENCY PREPARATION SERVICES help kids in foster care to process their feelings about an upcoming transition to permanency. Staff work with youth to better understand their life story and how past losses may be impacting their ability to successfully transition to a permanent family. Permanency Specialists work with DHS, extended family, past foster parents and other connections to increase their natural supports.

CHILD-SPECIFIC RECRUITMENT works with youth in foster care in need of a permanent family. Recruiters work with children most at risk of aging out of the system and find loving, permanent families willing to adopt or be a legal guardian. Child Specific Recruiters also prepare children and families for adoption through permanency preparation services.