“The Nest” Program

About the Program:

Since we were founded in 1885, Boys & Girls Aid has been committed to the belief that children should grow up in permanent, stable families. Now in 2017, we are focused on limiting the number of moves children in foster care make, and if they do need to stay somewhere temporarily, we are ensuring that it is a home, not a hotel.

 Our focus with The Nest is to ensure every child grows up in a family. By providing a safe landing at The Nest, we will stop the trauma of abandonment that comes from the constant threat of moving. The stability the program offers will allow caseworkers to have more time to find that crucial long-term placement without seeing a child move between hotel rooms and foster homes. Caseworkers will have the ability to search for family connections or give the biological family time to fix the problems that lead to their child or children entering care in the first place.

Our commitment to The Nest is a commitment to helping some of the most at-risk children in Oregon take the first step to finding their forever family.

 HERE is a link to information about this program.  Here is a recent post on our site also.

Who to Contact:

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