Please let us know if you will be able to attend our next luncheon meeting. When you are finished filling out the required information, click the “Send My RSVP Now” button below to submit. You will receive a confirmation online and by email.  If the RSVP is not visible, it is past the current month’s deadline.

* means you need to fill out this information or the RSVP will not go through.

Here is your new and improved online RSVP.  Please note RSVP deadlines.

When you RSVP, choose your payment option — credit card, check or cash.  You will receive an online confirmation right away,

If you select check or cash, you have one more step — You will need to drop your check made payable to “Boys and Girls Aid” into the black lock box in the CCC Coat room.  Envelopes are available there for those who pay with cash.  Please mark your envelopes with your name.  Please do that also no later than noon on the deadline outlined in the most recent notification email.

We no longer will allow payment on the day of the luncheon, only by the methods described above, by the deadline date and we will be unable to give any refunds if you aren’t able to make it, because we still have to pay the caterer for the lunches ordered.  For a number of good reasons, your board has carefully considered and decided on this new policy and these new procedures.

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