an online coaching system for planters, pastors, and leaders towards a missional life. THINK, ACT, and GET different.

  • The Cypress Project

    THINK Different ACT Different GET Different

  • Practical Coaching

    Cypress Practices are practical tools to help leaders transform their cities, and equip God's people to be a part of God's movement.

  • Cypress Principles

    Cypress Principles deliver a new foundation of thinking and approaching missionary disciples in their cities.

Cypress Online is an extension of The Cypress Project Coaching Center - available to everyone online!

Think Different

Transforming our cities begins with the transformation of our thinking. No longer can we do the same things and expect different results. Through Cypress Online - leaders will process 12 modules covering the principles of missional movements.

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Act Different

Cypress Online Members will learn to collaborate within a Circle of Accountability in their City. These groups are the roots of being on mission together as you seek to share the Gospel with every man, women, and child in your COA.

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Get Different

Cypress Online is designed for you to experience lasting change in your DNA as you strive to make a difference in your COA. Leaders can no longer work in competition or isolation and expect city transformation.

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“Cypress Project really helped push me in my thinking regarding how I own the ‘lostness’ of my community and the importance of the church being in the harvest. It was helpful to be stretched in my thinking and has greatly affected how we have viewed mission and evangelism with our 3 month old church plant.” - Mike Seaver - Charleston, SC

Cypress changed my whole life. God’s calling now makes sense – where I am and what I am doing here. I think like a missionary and have the tools to live it out. - Wayne Tomala – Rock Hill, SC

In Cypress it stopped being about the success of my church and more about success in my city. If Vertical Church were to fail, I would still be committed to living out these principles here in this community so that every man, woman, and child can be impacted by the gospel. - Andy Logan – Chester, SC