Suzan and Megan came up with a bit of last minute idea of making a video to send out in place of the luncheon that we would have had today.

In it Suzan talks about how BGA is doing during this time and also gives some information about the permanency program (which is what our speaker would have presented on at today’s luncheon).

Here is the link. Click to view.

Alternatively, if you cannot view the above link, try this to download and view on your computer: (1gig)

And Margie & Diann wanted to send their greetings as well along with some updates:

Now that we are all home and probably will not have another luncheon this school year, there is still plenty that we can do and much that has been done.

Chris Bosak and Penny Kemper made and delivered 50 face masks to the Boys and Girls Aid office for those who work there and needed them.

Here’s an update on where we can help, the shout out we sent a few weeks ago. If you haven’t yet contributed to one of these endeavors there is time to do so. These needs will not end until everyone can go back to work.

Dinners for Safe Place

Dinners for Safe Place are needed on Thursdays. Dianne McMichael Jill Ufford made dinner and took it last week for the 15 residents in need there. Diann Harland and Margie Wiesenthal will provide dinner on April 30. As of today, April 23rd is still available.

Use a service like Grub Hub and for delivery at noonThere is one member who only eats chicken (no other meats), and there are no vegetarians or vegans.  If you are interested in making and/or purchasing and delivering meals, please let Megan know at 503-542-2345 or

Gift Cards for TLP

The residents of TLP have lost their jobs and are without funds. What we can do for them is to send them gift cards for a Fred Meyer store. This can be done on the internet. There have been 10 ($50) cards sent so far. There are 7 residents of TLP.

Here are instructions for ordering Gift Cards fo TLP

As we mentioned earlier but repeated here.  Go to:

  • Scroll down to “Get a Kroger Gift Card” to select the amount you wish to purchase. You do not need to say it is a gift. Click “Add to Cart.”
  • On the next page, scroll down and click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  • On the next page, scroll down to click “Checkout as Guest.” Enter in your email address, and then scroll down to fill in your billing information. Under the shipping information, please enter in this information so that the gift card is sent directly to the TLP office.

Hannah Emrick
8196 SW Hall Blvd. Suite 102
Beaverton, OR 97008.

  • Scroll down and click “Place Order” to submit.

Easter Baskets

Many thanks to all who contributed to this year’s Easter Baskets.  Here is a photo.

Terri & Connie prepare the beautiful Easter Baskets which were delivered in time for the holiday.

Hang in there, folks, we will make it through this. As you know, we have an alternate Crab and Rib Dinner schedules for Saturday, July 18th. The invitations were sent out this week.  We sent you an email a few days ago about all that. Click here to view that.

We are enjoying our ZOOM meetings and can watch our church services on line. We can even watch church while doing something else, like one of our puzzles or crosswords or Sudoku.

If you have any ideas or encouraging words send them to us (Margie, Diann and Elaine) and we will send it along.

Virtual hugs to all and stay safe!

Margie Wiesenthal & Diann Harland